About us

Ethical Clothing

I create sustainable apparel by monitoring the manufacturing process from start to finish. Each piece is cut at my studio in Kansas City and stitched by myself or a skilled operator that I know personally. I use suppliers that offer the best quality domestically milled and sustainable fabrics. I endorse and advocate for these practices because ethical, sustainable clothing goes beyond pay scales and fiber content. In this way I can bring you long lasting pieces which you will cherish for years to come. 


My Story:

"...one of Kansas City's most coveted fashion labels."  - Spaces Magazine, Aug/Sept 2005

I have been designing and making clothing since I met my first sewing machine in 7th grade Home-Economics class. Although I studied fine art painting at the Kansas City Art Institute I always knew my calling was apparel design. I worked in the apparel industry for eight years before taking up full time freelance work in 1999.

My custom boutique, TOMBOY design studio opened in the Crossroads art district of Kansas City, MO. in April 2003. For more than 10 years the boutique offered locally designed, sweat shop free apparel and accessories. Each piece being designed and constructed at the studio by a team of cut and sew specialists.

Running the boutique gave me many gifts, and many friends a long the way, but one of the best was an education in micro manufacturing. I don't aspire to see my clothing on every person in the biosphere, I am content to bring my exceptional products to the minority that seek out and appreciate ethically produced products. 

~Laura McGrew, Designer